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Release Schedule Update 2/3/2021

Hey Foundlings! 

I hope you’re ready for the epic return of Sword Art Online: AOD and The Gate Chronicles. We wanted to prepare you for a slight change in the way we will be releasing episodes for the time being. 

As some of you already know, Quintin and Snow are the main editors for the podcast with Snow taking the lead on ambience and sound effects that are added in post. 

If you’ve listened to any of our earlier episodes, you’d know where we’ve come from in terms of progress and quality with our production. We are very proud of this podcast and want to offer the best PG-13, high quality, and immersive storytelling that we can. And looking back, you’ll know that a lot of earlier episodes didn’t have much in the way of ambience. 

Towards the end of S2 of SAO and even with some of the later episodes of TGC you may have noticed the increase in ambience and sound effects. We believe that these are imperative to the immersion which is why they have become even more incorporated albeit maybe too much for our own good at times which we acknowledge we might need to cut back for production purposes *cough cough Snow*.

That being said, the idea is that our current production method is a bit slower and we’re working on getting another editor from our group.

I suppose I’ll get to the point: Sword Art Online: AOD will transition from being a weekly released show to bi-weekly. The Gate Chronicles will remain bi-weekly but will move to Sundays and will cover the weeks where SAO is not released. Essentially it will be a rotating release of our two campaigns. There should not be a week where we do not have an episode released for you, barring regular breaks. 

TLDR: Both SAO and TGC will be released bi-weekly Sundays on a rotating schedule. First SAO release is 2/7/2021 and TGC will start 2/14/2021 9am ET.

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