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AOD Doggies | Part 3 | Episode 4 | Quite Pawssibly the End

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Retrieving the Mountain King’s scepter proved to be quite the challenge for our pawty. Faced with a guardian statue, they triumphed with relative ease. But the puzzle that followed left the doggos stumped for quite some time. Now that they’ve obtained the scepter, they were quickly whisked away by Bones to the location of the last artifact, a cave underneath the town of Brien. Now, they must find a way to retrieve the Rod of Torrents as a whirlpool and a crystal stand in their way.

AOD Doggies is a homebrew story based off the rules of Dungeons and Doggies, a 5e DnD ruleset about awakened doggies! All GM notes will be available to our Player tier patrons on patreon.

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