AOD Doggies

A high-quality DnD5e actual play podcast where the characters from the SAO: AOD campaign sit down around a table and play Dungeons and Doggies. 

It’s downtime in SAO. Snow decides to find a relaxing game for some of the AOD Guild to play to relieve some stress. After venturing into a book store in the Black Market, she is given the “perfect game.”

Gather around the table as Snow leads several of her guild members and a mysterious store clerk on a paw-some adventure to rescue their masters and uncover a hidden secret in the land of Ewelderfan. 

  • Rated PG

    Dark themes

  • Release Schedule

    Seasonal: Sundays 9AM EST

  • Runtime

    90 minutes

  • Game System

    Dungeons and Dragons 5e


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