Meet the GameMasters

Quintin Ott

Quintin is the man behind the voice. The man who can eat 5 full plates of mashed-potatoes and still go back for another round. He enjoys eating, sleeping, and eating in that order. Quintin is the GM for the AOD Pod. When he is not eating, sleeping, or suffering from an existential crisis, he is writing material for AOD and the myriad of other games he would like to play. Quintin would like to remind Snow that he was at least at the scene when the podcast idea was born.

Emily "Snow" Mignini

Snow is the GM for The Gate Chronicles podcast. For some reason, she keeps voicing men and is slowly realizing her vocal cords were not made for such abuse. In Snow's opinion, playing with her party is like trying to wrangle toddlers...who all have diarrhea...with no diaper on. She started playing RPGs back in the day when nursing school had just become a thing of the past. Snow essentially birthed the idea for the podcast and had absolutely no idea what she was doing for the first edit. 

Meet the Players

Daniel Sikorsky

Daniel is the noob of the group and really has no idea what he’s doing most of the time. He was introduced to Pathfinder by Quintin and has played it about as frequently as we have solar eclipses. When he isn’t studying or doing some school related activity, he is either wondering why his car has broken again, or creating some device that could harm him in the build process.

Mohit Puvala

I'm Mohit Puvvala, a writer, music producer, and a game programmer who loves all things entertainment! I currently run a website where I talk movies, games, tech, politics, and everything in between! As a lifelong fan of RPGs, I really love what the concept and worldbuilding of an SAO pathfinder so let's do this!!!

Rachel "RL" DiMaggio

Heya uh so where should I start, um I'm RL. I finished with high school when I was 15 so I have a lot of free time on my hands. My personality is… eccentric, to say the least. I absolutely adore adventure novels which is why I like games such as pathfinder so much; it gives me a chance to play and live out the adventures I enjoy reading!


Jadon DiMaggio

Heyo, I'm Jadon, the voice of Finavir Avir for The Gate Chronicles. I been a part-time Pathfinder DM for a few years for friends of mine. Outside of the podcast, I enjoy trading card games, shounen media, Super Smash Bros, and cooking. I have a flair for the dramatic, if you couldn't tell by my performance of the beloved Finavir. I look forward to MRPF's Future and feel privileged to be a part of it.


Andrew DiMaggio

Hi, I’m Andrew, professional idiot and TGC cast member. I spend my waking hours working a job and horsing around with my co-members on the MRPF discord server. When Snow invited me to play in TGC I thought it’d be loads of fun, though I usually play mages, wizards, and other such magical masters in rpgs and the like. I’ve played in a few brief pathfinder campaigns before, but low fantasy is a new genre to me. I look forward to entertaining our audience to the best of my antic pulling ability.


Zac "Blarg" Johnson